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You have to treat it like a business if you want to get paid like a business

(Excerpt from What It Takes…To Earn $1,000,000 in Direct Sales)

Brenda Anderson was looking for an opportunity to do something different, make more money than she was making, dictate her own schedule, and be able to do it all from home. This is when her journey with Pre-Paid Legal began. After 11 years, Brenda was honored to be Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.’s 99th Millionaire Club Member.

Q. Do you set goals? Do you write them down?

A. Not in the beginning, I didn’t know anything about goal setting.  Now I set clear, concise goals. I visualize and expect the results to come. I always write them down AND break them down into how many people I have to talk to every single day.

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