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One of the many benefits of leadership is that while the team grows, the leader must also grow.

(Excerpt from What It Takes…To Earn $1,000,000 in Direct Sales)

Jan Moestue was formerly the controller at the Passion Parties corporate office. She saw the checks that were going out to the leaders of the company and realized the awesome potential of being a consultant and owning her own Passion Parties business. She left the corporate world of Passion Parties to join as a consultant. During the next twelve years, she built an organization of thousands of business women who sell several million dollars in product every year.

Q: What techniques have you found to be successful in recruiting others?

A: Recruiting a new consultant is a very short term relationship while leading is a very long term relationship, so I focus more on leading than recruiting. I am genuine and I believe I am helping every single person I sponsor in the business. I believe they are going to get something good out of it.

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