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About “What It Takes…To Earn $1 Million in Direct Sales”

My idea for interviewing fifty successful entrepreneurial women in the direct selling industry started off as a selfish quest to find out what I needed to do to be wildly successful in direct sales, and by wildly successful I mean earning over a million dollars.  I had an idea of what it would take, but wanted confirmation that I was on the right path to the top of the industry.

There is an adage that says, “If you want to get somewhere in life, find someone who has already paved the way and follow in their footsteps.” In this case, I set out to talk to fifty women who have earned a million dollars or more through direct sales. I wanted to learn from their experiences and dispel some of the myths about multi-level marketing. I was looking for confirmation that I was on the right career path and I hoped to gain new insights to inspire my down line.

The interview process confirmed one thing that I knew all along.  Nothing worth achieving in this life comes easily. Every one of these wildly successful women was quick to point out that it took hard work to achieve financial success.  Direct sales is not about earning easy money and success doesn’t happen overnight.  But, if you are willing to work hard, there is virtually no limit to the financial and personal rewards you can obtain.

The interviews began to develop into a book that I give not only as a resource to others seeking success in the industry, but also to dispel myths that network marketing is a get rich quick business. I wanted real stories from real women who are successful and what it took to get them to where they are. I wanted people entering the industry to be prepared to work hard, put in long hours in the beginning, be patient, and never give up!!

These are the interviews…

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