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The unwritten rules of direct selling revealed!

Vol. 1 - $14.95 (Paperback) + $2.95 S/H

Have you ever wondered why some women achieve great success in direct sales while others don’t? Kirsten McCay-Smith shares the secrets in these exclusive interviews with ten super achievers who have already broken the million dollar profit mark in networking marketing and direct sales.

The interviews explode the myths of direct selling and expose new truths. If you desire to become wildly successful in direct sales yourself, you will benefit immensely from the advice of those who already have succeeded.

Volume 1

Million dollar achievers reveal the secrets to becoming wildly successful in volume 1 of What It Takes… To Earn $1,000,000 in Direct Sales. Inspiration will be drawn from these exclusive interviews with:

And a bonus chapter by Caterina Rando entitled Build Up Your Ability to Bounce Back From Setback.

Volume 2

Vol. 1 - $14.95 (Paperback) + $2.95 S/H

Volume 2 features:
  • Brenda Anderson, Pre-Paid Legal
  • Pam Anderson, Melaleuca
  • Nina Wade, Passion Parties
  • Vonny Fast, CUTCO
  • Kathy Hellwig, Isagenix
  • Tina Kraft, It Works
  • Sylvia Scheel, Tupperware
  • Raven K Starre, Agel
  • Monique Todd Balboa, Mary Kay
  • Kim Yanuskiewicz, PartyLite
And a bonus chapter by Kim Duke, The Sales Diva

SAVE! Buy both volumes 1 & 2 together and save $5 (plus save on shipping).

Save $5 when you buy them together & save on shipping! Only $24.95 + $2.95 S/H

Volume 3

Vol. 3 - $14.95 (paperback) + $2.95 S/H

In volume 3 of What it Takes… To Earn $1,000,000 in Direct Sales, Kirsten continues her quest to reveal the untold truths of network marketing. What new perspectives and insights make the difference? If you want to know what it really takes to earn a million in the red hot direct sales field, consider this your book of secrets. Volume 3 features ten exclusive interviews with these million+ producers:

  • Kathleen Deggelman, MonaVie
  • Cindy Kamrin, Melaleuca
  • Leigh Kirk, PartyLite
  • Carmen Marshall, USANA
  • Nancy McHugh, Melaleuca
  • Lynn M. Rolle, BõKU
  • Sibylle Stipp, Cutco
  • Shelly Sun, BrightStar
  • Julie Vanderblue, The Higgins Group
  • Dana Wilde, Passion Parties
Bonus chapter by Karen Phelps: Three Simple Secrets for Consistency in Your Life and in Your Business
Foreword by Jim Britt. Author of Do This. Get Rich! For Network Marketers

Volume 4

Vol. 4 - $14.95 (Paperback) + $2.95 S/H

Volume 4 features:
  • Michelle Barnes, Vemma
  • Lise Clark, Mary Kay
  • Kami Dempsey, It Works
  • Joannie Flynn, Tupperware
  • CJ Haynes, Passion Parties
  • Darlene Horwath, Passion Parties
  • Nicole Rose, Isagenix
  • Ann Taylor, Passion Parties
  • Jackie Ulmer, Scent-Sations
  • Candi Wingate,

And a bonus chapter by Dana Wilde: Five Steps to Help You Pick Up the Phone in Your Direct
Sales or Home Party Plan Business

SAVE! Buy both volumes 3 & 4 together and save $5 (plus save on shipping).

Save $5 when you buy them together & save on shipping! Only $24.95 + $2.95 S/H

Volume 5

Vol. 5 - $14.95 (paperback) + $2.95 s/h

Volume 5 features:
  • Meda Branwell, Creative Memories
  • Ahna Cleveland, Anne Cleveland Accessories
  • Miki Crowl, Avon
  • Cindy Keske, Mary Kay
  • Kathy Marrs, Avon
  • Lorie Mulhern, USANA
  • Myndie Neece, Keller Williams
  • Rosemarie Osolinsky, Avon
  • Tami Quilici, Passion Parties
  • Lorna Rasmussen, Pre-Paid Legal

And a bonus chapter by Brian Tracy, Best Selling Author: 7 Tips to Boost Your Sales

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Click to buy Vol. 4 (eBook/pdf) for only $9.95

Click to buy Vol. 5 (eBook/pdf) for only $9.95

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